Your car, our care!

Today time is money. Your AutoButler will take care for your car by taking it to the garage and back so you don't need to go out of your home or office! Download our mobile app!

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what is autobutler

Autobutler is a unique service that saves you time and effort when servicing your car

With a single click of a button you will get a professional driver (AutoButler) that will drive your car to a service station chosen by your or recommended by us. Premium brands like Lexus and Infinity already provide such service, we want to provide it to you no matter what your car is!

With AutoButler you get a premium service on reasonable price!


Before pickup we take pictures of your car and guarantee we will return it in the same condition.

We put protective sheets on the seats and store your keys and documents on safe place.

We keep the speed limits and driving rules.

We guarantee there will be no accidents with your car.



Pickup and deliver

35 eur
  • Includes:
  • -appointment booking
  • - protective gear
  • - video stream
  • - drive to service station and back

Yearly packages of 5 drives

140 eur
  • Includes:
  • - 5 drives
  • - free usage of the application
  • - can be used in 1 year period

Corporate discount

  • Call us in order to include AutoButler in the social package of your employees.
  • We also provide corporate discounts so please get in touch with us.


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